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Walking By Faith ( visit website )

Great Christ-centred teaching, edification, praise and worship from Pastor Duane Vander Klok and the ministry team of Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, Michigan.

TCT ( visit website )

Based in Marion, Illinois, "Total Christian Television" has your favourite shows, along with gems such as "Down Home", "He Chose You" and "Ask The Pastor". Jim Bakker also uses some TCT airtime. Nothing's perfect!

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Live (Sun 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 10pm; Wed 12am; Sat 11pm UT):
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The 700 Club ( visit website )

I strongly disagree with Pat Robertson about "man made global warming". I stopped giving 700 club money because of it. Previous text: What I like about The 700 Club is the variety. There's credible news, as a Christian would have it presented. There's personal interest segments such as health and food, again without the negativity that you would find in worldly media. This program proves that worldly media is redundant for a believer.

Cornerstone with John Hagee ( visit website )

If someone wants sermons that tickle his ears, John Hagee is not the man he wants to see! Uncompromising, with a zeal to see people get saved, Mr Hagee pulls no punches. Although he is also entertaining at the same time.

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Live (Sundays 2.30pm, 5pm UT):
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Zola Levitt Presents ( visit website )

Born-again Christians who come from a Jewish background present sides of Israel and world events which are kept obscured by mainstream media. It's tragic that TBN stopped showing it to placate muslims. Great TV, highly recommended.


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Judge Not? William Tyndale's writings


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